Educate the Client Later, First Keep Yourself

Can you do SEO for just 5 pages of my website? This is one of those interesting query requests I get for proposals from clients. I really get mad explaining why I can’t do that, if you really looking for results. By doing SEO, most of them mean On-Page optimization and the sad part is above 50% among them still believe SEO means editing Meta tags.

I could notice that most of those website owners have bitter experience with their previous SEO and they say, ‘I don’t have much budget this time, so please do 5 pages for now’.

I can’t blame them, I am not expecting them to be talk like an expert. Especially, at times as I see world class blunders so authentically get advised to newbies at forums by some so-called experts. Mind you, they are just a small percentage but still they exist.

Some may argue, but I still see a lot of firms sell methods of early 2000s. I have experienced this when I interview candidates for hiring. They deal with massive number of projects and clients across the globe. Some don’t even know the difference between actual PageRank and toolbar PageRank, for some, Google Analytics is a tool for keyword analysis. Surprisingly most of them still spend 80% of their time managing reciprocal link campaigns.

The main reason I could see is lack of active reading. SEO forums became places to hang on for signature links, plug own blog links and just to show off. After reading one or two books, or attending some conferences they feel like enough.

In a constantly changing field, education needs to be continual. Let’s look at some places that can get you into the main stream:



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Read, read, read and host a website to start off. Experiment with whatever you feel like. Within a year you will find yourself in the front row.

2 thoughts on “Educate the Client Later, First Keep Yourself

  1. Hey, surely you won’t agree with me here, but you could’ve optimized the page for the humans and the search engines to get more traffic and increase conversions. Yeah, that’d be internet marketing, but you’d give real ROI to your client, if he has any traffic to the page.

    If he doesn’t have any traffic, then yeah, point him at

  2. Hey Yura,

    I could do that, but what use when the website has several wrong redirects and multiple duplicate websites. It’s a real PITA to convey that it all matters. He got that much brain wash from the previous firm. I am not worried about him though, but what about such firms?

    They act like authentic and sell Meta tag editing for thousands of $$$… that’s the saddest part.

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