DMOZ is Not Banned by Google, Just a 301 bug

Today I was just stumbling through some of the SEO related blogs and found one interesting blog saying ‘DMOZ have been banned by Google‘. I checked Google and saw Google is not listing DMOZ’s homepage for any of the following searches:

[dmoz open directory]
[dmoz open directory project]
No cache for DMOZ homepage in Google.

According to the blog which I’d read, this is due to the number of complains about the corruption of DMOZ editors. We all know that this part of the story is not a bogus and we have been hearing such allegations from long back – DMOZ editor get banned. But for banning there should have a clear evident proving such allegations which is not explained anywhere. I was away from keyboard and not as frequent to the web as I was before. So I’d to check other blogs and forums for getting more clarity on this. I felt something wrong in this since I couldn’t see any of my forums mates seriously talking about such a ban. Then I saw the comment by Matt Cutts – one of the Google engineer – at Sphinn explaining that it was due to a 301 redirect bug.

A Word from the Author:
Such stories are plenty in the web. I took this as a true one since I found the search results are supporting the possibility. So there are possibilities for a lot believed that story blindly without further investigations. This is for them.

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