Different Votes on “Buffy” – the Google June 2007 Update

People started reported about some major fluctuations to some of the SERPs – mainly on single word searches. Webmaster World has taken the pleasure to announce the rollout of Google latest update. “Buffy”.

But something quite major is now going on with the Google SERPs. Members are reporting major changes in the single word search results, most particularly, but lots of other things are stirred up as well. On one of my single keywords, I’ve just passed wikipedia (yeah!) and jdMorgan reported the same for one of his keywords– WMW thread

Matt says Nothing as Florida or Jagger:

“Historically speaking, summer is a good time to incorporate ideas into search, but I wouldn’t consider that an update myself. We do always reserve the right to tune our scoring algorithms or change the weight of different factors, even if it only affects a fraction of queries (things such as single-word queries).” – as a comment in his blog.

“another way to say it is that a few of the WMW folks are talking about things that I’m pretty sure haven’t had algorithmic changes lately. I think tedster is combining a few unrelated things together.”- on a later comment

But still he agrees there were some TUNING has been done and may result in some changes for the single word searches:

Other than perhaps for some one-word queries, I think most things remain unchanged. And even for most one-word queries, most results remain unchanged. So I’m not sure it’s worth calling it an update – along with the above comment.

What my forum mates say:

We are having a discussion over SeoRefugee – my favorite SEO Forum, here am taking the privilage to quote some of our respected members.

Dazzlindonna: I also haven’t seen anything indicating an update, but I don’t really track one-word phrases, so I might have missed something.

Michael Vandemar: I have 4 one word phrases I check regularly, no recent changes.

Randal McCarley: I think I’m with mvandemar on this one. I’ve seen some big hops and drops over the last 2 months for short tail phrases but it seems more like settling SERPS than an update to me.

Jocelyn: Maybe I’m a freak, but the waves are worthy of a surfboard.

Skitzzo: This site’s rankings have been all over the place lately and I’ve seen double digit drops and jumps for 20 other fairly competitive terms I watch.

Michael Martinez: I see no evidence of any new update since Google rolled out the new search engine. Everything looks normal to me, except that they do continue to give unprecedented weighting to news sites (not the most recent news — just content from news sites). They also seem to have increased their love for Wikipedia.

A Word from the Author:

Even I am joining hands with the majority. I’ve been seeing fluctuations to my single word searches but nothing to call it as an Update like Jagger. We all know that recently they are pretty fast in testing and rolling out different comparatively small modules – which affects only on a certain group and not to the whole search community.
I would appreciate if anyone can trace out the trends for example whether it is matching with either allinanchor: | allintitl: | allinurl: search results.

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