New ClickTracks Pro SMB for just $2995.00

This week ClickTracks Web Analytics launched it’s new Small Medium Business version for an affordable rate of $2,995.00. By this they are targeting the small-medium business groups whom are already the biggest fan for them. Till now the Click-Fraud report was available only to their ClickTracks Pro – costs $9,344.00- and now they have included the same with this new SMB version too.

“We know that small- and medium-sized businesses have been ClickTracks’ biggest fans,” John said. “As thanks, we’ve created a version of ClickTracks–ClickTracks Pro SMB–that has everything that these businesses need, including click fraud reporting, for only $2,995. We’re effectively putting some of our most powerful tools well within reach of the average small shop.”

For those who are really interested in cross-checking their tools, you can do it here – You can determine which ClickTracks package fits the best for your need.

A Word from the Author:

ClickTracks Founder and CEO John Marshall will speak at the Auditing Paid Listings and Click Fraud Issues panel on Thursday, April 12th as part of the Search Engine Strategies conference in New York. That would be a great event and not to be missed.

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