ClickTracks Appetizer Adds Site Overview Report for Next 90 Days

Today Morning I got a mail from ClickTracks Marketing team regarding an update they did on the ClickTracks Appetizer. The story was good to read, and an example of how a marketing team should be. One of the great known Web Analyst experts Avinash Kaushik (Occam’s Razor) has challenged – as in their word – them (ClickTracks) to add more features to the ClickTracks Appetizer. And this mail was in response to his suggestion.

We know that ClickTracks Appetizer is not a complete solution to your Web Analytics needs but it’s just a learning package. They are mainly targeting people who use this ClickTracks Appetizer to sign-up for their Free Virtual Classrooms and then to become a Buyer of Full Option.

Now responding to the call for More features to the Current ClickTracks Appetizer from Avinash Kaushik, they are adding the Site Overview report to it. You will be having it enabled for Next 90 Days.

So, do you want hold the Site Overview feature in your ClickTracks Appetizer?

One way we can keep this new addition by showing your increased interest – after seeing the new feature – to the ClickTracks Marketing team and convince them that Avinash’s suggestion was actually yours too.

A Word from the Author:

I hope this will happen Naturally since there was an Actual Need for some advanced reports to the previous ClickTracks Appetizer. So hopefully they may see that reflects in their Signup tracking for the Virtual Classrooms and of course the same for their complete package. You can tread the complete story from ClickTracks here.

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