How do I know My Website Lacks SEO?

These days I am hearing this question almost everyday. How do I know my website lacks SEO? A simple question but mostly not gets answered correctly. If you couldn’t answer to that question in a convincing manner that makes yourself looks like an idiot to them. Let me try to sort out the points here, so that next time when you face the same question, you can refer them to here.

Method 1:
A simple way to answer this question is, ask the person to assume that he himself as a potential buyer of his own product/services. Ask him to find a solution provider through a search engine and check for those search queries whether his website is listed. If he is not finding his website in the search results for the queries which he thinks his website best fits for, it is a clear evidence that the website is lacking SEO. Repeat the same for whichever keyword combinations he prefer to be get listed for and check whether the website is listed for those. That gives you the answer.


Why It Is Important to Get Listed into the Search Engines?
As per the current available survey status 74% of the entire internet users uses a Search Engine to find a website. And above 90% of them do not check beyond the first 3 pages – with 10 results per page -. Again as per the above status if your website is not listed for your potential search queries you might be missing a large number of potential visitors unknowingly. And this number can be larger than you imagine, successful websites receive 60% of its total traffic from Search Referrals.

Again some experts say Rankings are poor measure of success for SEO. So we can confirm the answer by checking another option which describes as Method 2.
Method 2:
Open your last two months webstats and analyze the search engine performance. See what are the Search Phrases currently brought the traffic and see whether they are your potential keywords. If you are not finding your top priority keywords in the list, your website lacks SEO.

A Word from the Author:
Remember, your website is your online selling person and Search Engines can be your large potential visitors source provider. Act before it goes too late and also do understand SEO is not a one-time solution but an on-going one. I will explain that on a later post. Hope you enjoyed reading here, feel free to express your thoughts or doubts through the comment section here and I am happy to help you explaining them.
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