Does Google Adwords Team Click on your Ads?

Yes, they DO, as they answered to a question in their official Blog. Why? – the reason is explained below. While the Adwords community getting larger, questions like ‘Whether Google employs people to click on the Adwords Client’s ads and makes money by fraud clicks?’, are also increasing in number. They were giving the same answer again and again from the past, and this time a little more.

Why Google is Clicking on Ads?

They are doing it as part of testing, refining and to research and develop more integrity in the system. They say, “The AdWords team does in fact click on AdWords ads, for a variety of reasons, but primarily during the ad review process in which we check that the Destination URL is functional, that the back button works, etc. However, Google does not charge advertisers for these clicks.” Read More..

In some more clear words, these clicks or impressions will not get shown in your Reports or affect your costs. These are automatically get filtered by the testing time itself, and will not affect the user reports.

A Word from the Author:

So it’s a clear answer from Google Adwords team that, they do Clicks on your Ads, NEITHER OF THOSE CLICKS WILL AFFECT YOUR CTR NOR GET CHARGED. What ever they say to convince you, there will be more suspicious eyes around. But at least for some, I hope this will makes them cool and relaxed.

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