Adwords Product Listing Ads – Hack to Get the Keyword Search Query Report

From the first day we launched Product Listing Ads, one question was there bugging my mind. How do I trace the keywords which trigger my ads. It’s a fact that Adwords shows your Product Listing Ads based on user search queries. But when you open your Product Listing ad groups you won’t see any keywords reported there. How disappointing?

When you go to the keyword tab, you will see none of the typical keyword options. There will be message displayed like this:

Your campaign settings show that you want to run text ads on search pages. You’ll need to add keywords for your ads to run.

You know it’s a false statement, your PLAs run without any keywords added in. But no direct ways to see what are those keywords triggering your ads, at present. Luckily there is a hack to get a hand on this.

What you have to do is add a single keyword to your Product Listing Ads ad group and Pause it. Once you have done this you can see the typical keyword management options available. Click on the “Keyword Details” and select “All”. There you go, the search query report gets you the list of actual search queries triggering the ads. Don’t forget to optimize the Negative keywords based on this in order to improve your CTRs and keywords conversion.

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