AdWords Introduces Landing Page Quality Score

There was an important announcement from the Adwords team saying, they will be implementing two changes to the current Algorithm to Evaluate the Landing Page Quality. Introducing a new concept of ‘Landing page Quality Score’ for your contextually-targeted ads and an Improved Algorithm to evaluate landing page quality and incorporating landing page content retrieved by the AdWords system.

Who all will get affected?

At this point of time, Adwords team said, this will be implemented for a small portion of the entire advertisers. Most of you people may not be seeing any changes in your normal routine. However, those who may be providing a low quality user experience will see an increase in their minimum bids for and the sponsored search network and/or a decrease in traffic across the content network. This is depending on your Landing page Quality and the CTR, if the CTR is Low you see, put some efforts to increase it to avoid any unexpected hike in the minimum bid.

Why Google focusing on Landing page Quality?

This is a good question, why they are focusing on the Landing page quality, since the conversion is not their pain. But the Adwords team says, they want to increase their User trust by providing Quality results in the Sponsored section, and thus get more users reply on the Sponsored results.

How do you know the Quality of Landing page?

This is a weird thing to evaluate, since there are no one time solutions to create a Perfect Landing page. Evaluating the User Experience is the way to evaluate the Landing page Quality. When a user clicks on your Sponsored Listing at Google and lands into your page, if he clicks the Browser Back button without moving further to your conversion pages, your Landing page lacks something. When a high % of visitors are bouncing back without staying/moving further, it’s clear that the landing page is not a quality one.

Adwords team uses Quality Score to evaluate your landing Page.

What is Quality Score?

Quality Score is calculated by the Click Through rates (CTRs) of your keyword phrase in Google Sponsored Listings and the relevance of your ad text, keyword, and landing page.

We believe high quality ads attract more clicks, encourage user trust, and result in better long-term performance. To encourage relevant and successful ads within AdWords, our system defines a Quality Score to set your keyword status, minimum CPC bid, and ad rank for the ad auction.

Does Low Quality Affect your Ads’ Positions?

No, but it will affect on your Minimum Bid required for one’s ads to run, not on your Ad’s position aka rank. The only point is, with a Low Quality Landing Page, you will have to Bid Higher to be competed with your Competition which could also impact your position on pages in the network.

A Word from the Author:

Google Adwords team has published landing page and site guidelines, as a generic guideline for their Advertisers to follow. They all are generic guidelines to make sure the Landing Page quality as we used to read in forums or articles. Anyway the motive is clear from the above points, making more Money. You can read more about the announcement they did about this here.

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