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Confused with how to track your AdWords Campaigns in a reliable and feasible way? Most of us might be tried and fed up with various tools, seeing mismatched data due to various reasons, like tool integrity, problems with the query string tracking or some other bugs. Ever think about a Single window, where you can see your AdWords campaign reports and your Visitor stats reports, synchronized. I am not talking about a tool which may cost your a few $1000s but a free service. Not believing me,.. Now Google analytics team is happy to announce that the integration of your AdWords account with their great Analytics Tool. They are providing awesome Customized reports for your AdWords Campaigns. Just 5 steps can bring you amazing reports which contains the AdWords Analysis report and the AdWords Keyword Positions report, ROI, Revenue per Click and conversion rates correlated by search result position — all right in front of you.

How to Integrate AdWords and Analytics Accounts:

Just make sure you are using the same Google Account for integrating these two services. If that’s not the case, you can make your AdWords Account as an Account Admin in your Analytics Setting.

1. Log into your AdWords Account.

2. Open the Analytics tab.

3. At the bottom of the page, inside “Steps to get Google Analytics” box, click “I already have a Google Analytics account”.

4. Select your Analytics account number from the Existing Google Analytics Account drop-down list.

5. Click on “Link Account”.Simple as it is, but worth more than about your paid Analyzing Software, as you see.

A Word from the Author:

How nice it will be, when you see the Traffic details and the Visitor Analysis in a single window. How much is your spending and How much of that get converted, which keywords are driving traffic and which one actually get converts, what is the stay length on each keywords and the scenario analysis on each sign-up pages, just some samples among them.

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