Two Display changes in AdWords Ad Listings, Today

Google Sponsored Listings changed the way the Top Ads display. According to the Adwords team official announcement, there are two main changes they implemented today.

  • The first change is only applicable for the Top Ads which are shown at the top of the organic results and not for the right-hand side ones. They used to display them in a Blue background color and now they have changed it to Yellow.
  • The second change is on the way they have modified the way the Clicks get counted. Previously the whole Ad Copy was clickable, i.e. you can click wherever in that particular Ad – either the Title or in the description – and land on the Advertiser’s page. Now only the Title of the Ad Copy is clickable and that is to avoid the un-intentional clicks.

A Word from the Author:

Now what they have to admit, if I found a dramatic decrease in the number of clicks and an increase in the Conversion? Who was responsible for those un-intentional clicks which I forced to pay? Just kidding, I don’t have any AdWords account. But do you think you were receiving such un-intentional clicks?

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