Google Adsense Tips & Common Mistakes for New Adsense Publishers

I have seen several amateur webmasters running sites with Google Adsense ads on it and earning a nice monthly income. Also there are experienced webmasters earning nothing from it even with graphically cool websites. So I just thought of collecting some Google Adsense Tips & Common Mistakes which may help you as a checklist while running or thinking about adding them in your sites.

Selecting the Wrong theme:This is the most important part while starting a website, if you are starting a site which has a theme of ‘website templates, I would say it’s a foolish start. Instead I may start some more niche targeted one like ‘free wordpress templates’ or ‘customized ecommerse templates’. Just to convey you that it is always better to target a specific niche than start targeting a highly competed Niche. The first target for your site is to be driving traffic, and in a high competed industry it’s hard to gain decent amount of traffic constantly. This world is huge and there are hundreds of niche markets exists, and you may find one according to your taste.

Focusing Different Themes in a Single Site:

This is also a common mistake new webmasters follow. There are two reasons for saying why not to follow this:

  1. Hard to Optimize and get it Ranked in Search Engines: When you are keeping different themes in one site, the focus of that site get diverted to several directions and in none it gains any reputation. Search Engines won;t love to display your pages in their results, since you acquire negligible reputation any of the topics. Always target a single theme and thus your efforts will get a focus and easily you can gain the reputation in the niche.
  2. Low google smart pricing: This is a technical poit which some of the webmasters not even heard about. This is a technique, using which Google determines which ads get displayed in your pages. The more Smart Pricing likes your pages, the more you will get paid per click

Automated | Stimulated traffic:Never go for any services which offer you 1000 visitors per month for some dollors. They all are fake traffic and stimulated using bot programs or similar stuffs. The conversion you receive wil be near to zero and is not worth even for a single dollor. Sometimes the Bot programs they use to create fake visitors, may click on your ads and when Adsense team track them as fruad, they may ban you from showing ads. Always drive relevant traffic, I mean manual traffic and make sure they are acting well in your site. There come the importance of web analytics – I will post about this in a later occation, since it’s a huge area.

And there are some more common tips to make sure you are following the Adsense TOS:

Never click your own adsense ads or get them clicked for whatever reason

Never change the Adsense code.

Do not place more than 3 ad unit and 1 ad links or 2 adsense search boxes on any web page.

Never launch a New Page for clicked ads by default.

One Account suffices for Multiple websites.

Place ads only on Content Pages: means never place Adsense Content Ads on any page which has little content on it.

Do not mask ad elements: – means never try to change the color or try to hide anything in the Adsense Ads part.

Do not send your ads by email

A Word from the Author:There are some more points which are mentioned in the TOS, but these are the more common Mistakes which are found repeatedly in various sites. I am sure these are basic ones, but sometimes we need someone to remind us about the Basics. That ‘s why I rely on you, and I appreciate your comments too.

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