Adsense EFT is now Available in Israel

According to the announcement from Google Adsense Team on 26th October, 2006, now they started allowing Adsense Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Service in Israel too. Earlier of October they had added three more countries (Czech Republic, Finland and Slovakia) to the list in which EFT facility is available.

How to Sign up for the Adsense Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)?
To sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), you’ll first need your bank account information, including your account number and, depending on your payment address, your branch number, routing number, or other identifying information. Here you can find the step by step instructions for signing up for the Adsense Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).

A Word from the Author:

For the complete list of Countries in which Google allows Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), you can check it here. If you are not seeing your country name listed there, I think soon itself they will be adding it.

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