5 Things You Didn’t Know About Kichus

Wit tagged me, I can’t deny it. Here comes the 5 things most of you didn’t know about kichus.

  1. I was born and bought up in Kerala – the God’s own country -, southern tip of India, on a full-moon Thursday, May 17th,1983. ME, Mom, Dad, one elder Brother and his wife, that’s my family.
  2. My habit of reading mostly finds its peak of enjoyments with Travelogues, (Auto) Biographies and Literatures which are close to life. Fortunately Malayalam – my mother tongueliterature is too deep and large enough to fulfill my thirst as a reader. The books which are there in my buying list for this month: Budhapadam & Manthrapaithrukam.
  3. My dream journey is Kailash & Manasa sarovar Yatra – it’s not so easy, but I am dare to dream. I am not so bound with religions but I do believe and respect the power which is there in each of us. If you read The Zahir – Paulo Coelho – you might have touched by the way how he described about the inner calls, I do hear and obey that.
  4. I love silence, being in and enjoying it. Too much of noise, heavy music, stupid girly talks and similar are some Big NO-NOs in my life. A good Book, spicy drinks – preferred, hot soups -, rain, soft music, a wooden house in a jungle would be my ideal dream day.
  5. I love travel, I enjoy it better with a small known group. Each bored mornings are the inspiration behind each trips which ends up with enough stories to have fun for another couple of weeks. There are hundreds of hidden places in Kerala which most of the Tourists miss in their trip. If you ever plan to have an unforgettable trip, I would recommend my place, Kerala – the God’s own country – I would love to guide you to the unexplored places here, – don’t worry about fees, you are my guest ;).

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