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Search Engine Optimization

Getting your business ranked at the top of the search engines is the best investment your company can make, yielding the highest ROI when compared to TV, print or mail.

1Website Review

The first step in the process of search engine optimization involves understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the website. A thorough analysis over various search engine signals will be done along with a competitor comparison analysis.

2Keyword Identification

Many websites in spite of ranking high do not get enough traffic. This maybe because the keywords that they are targeting may not be the keywords being searched for, on the search engines. Keyword identification is a very important part of search engine optimization and includes researching keywords using various resources in the quest for finding related yet popular phrases. At this stage our experts will identify potential keywords for your website with the help of tools and search trends.

3On-Page Optimization

This step in the process of search engine optimization involves changes on your web pages according to make it optimized for chosen keywords. Each website pages will get optimized with regards to tags, link structures, images, body text, and other visible and invisible parts.

4Link Building

Neither directory submissions nor reciprocal link campaigns gain you the reputation; requires a wiser approach to gain the desired results. We study the market and build a plan in order to chose every possible opportunity to gain backlinks. Some of our approaches – but not limited to – are social bookmarking, creating viral content, syndication, press releases, articles.

5Analysis and Tweaking

Search engine optimization is a long-term solution to your traffic woes. Our comprehensive search engine optimization packages involve continuous fine-tuning of the website based on traffic trends and ranking trends. Search engines often change their algorithms… We tweak your website to compensate of the changes, hence enabling you to stay on top.