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Responsive Website Design

#1 Reason to have a Mobile Website: You risk losing business if you don’t have a mobile site. Nearly 2 in 3 users are unlikely to return to a mobile site where they had trouble and 40% said they’d visit a competitor’s mobile site instead. (Compuware, 2010)

#2 Reason to have a Mobile Website: By 2015, more Americans will access the Internet on their mobile device than on their PC. (IDC, 2011)

Why Responsive Designs? Why not the mobile site?

Why you want to maintain two different sites, one for Desktop users and another for Mobile? Do you know many of the Mobile Websites don’t render correctly on Pads? Most of the time your Mobile Website looks totally different from your desktop version, which is sad. And the Monthly/Yearly fee, you must be joking.

With a responsive website design, you have zero concerns to worry about. You manage a single website, which will render butter smooth on all devices.

Moreover, On June 6, 2012, Google officially said responsive Web design is its recommended configuration.

Does it cost you a Hell?

Who told you this joke? It’s simply a new technology in website design and no  extra cost is  applicable. As simple as a website redesign, nothing extra to purchase – not even a sub domain.